Saturday, October 21, 2006

M10. Georgia on my Mind

Georgia Institute of Technology
H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Our Mission Statement
Defining and Educating World-Class Engineering Talent

I. Vision
Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech will be the world's leader in expanding and communicating engineering knowledge and innovation associated with designing, operating and improving sustainable processes for acquiring, producing, selling and delivering products and services.

II. Mission
ISyE's mission is the creation, assimilation, integration, and dissemination of knowledge involving industrial and systems engineering. In carrying out its educational mission, ISyE seeks to develop a high potential population of full-time, traditional students at the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as those in industry and government who need to acquire new and updated skills for positions of leadership in engineering, academia, and management. Specifically, ISyE seeks to
1. provide selected research and services to industry and government which meet their specific needs;
2. contribute to the advancement of the ISyE profession through faculty leadership;
3. facilitate the interface among industries, problems and methodologies;
4. and enhance the overall reputation of Georgia Tech.

III. Objectives
ISyE's objectives are to
1. graduate exceptionally qualified industrial and systems engineers: individuals with excellent problem-solving, technical, and leadership skills;
2. prepare students, alumni, practitioners, managers for the practice of industrial and systems engineering for the solution of engineering and management problems;
3. expand the frontiers of human knowledge, creating the educational base for the next generation of scholars providing a program in research education emphasizing quality in the preparation of students for careers in academics and research;
4. and provide leadership in setting the direction, and in bringing about changes in the field and Georgia Tech community.

IV. Building on Our Best
ISyE has a legacy of supporting a large and diverse faculty across the fundamental areas of industrial and systems engineering. Disciplinary strengths as well as a multitude of faculty connections across disciplines have enabled us to achieve a premier position in the field. We intend to continue leveraging our traditional strengths and searching for new opportunities to strengthen our ability to achieve our mission.

V. Five-Year Plan
In support of its mission and objectives, over the next five years ISyE -- its students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends -- commit themselves to continuous improvement by undertaking the following initiatives.

A. Infrastructure
1. Provide students and faculty with suitable space to support their educational and research requirements [A]. ª
2. Provide students, faculty and staff high-quality computing support [A].
3. Review the organization of the School and identify opportunities that promote efficiency of operation, opportunity for leadership, targeting of resources and activity, etc. [A&F].

B. Programs
1. Strengthen curricula and faculty in computation [F&A].
2. Identify, develop and promote new opportunities in which ISyE can compete and excel, e.g., health and finance [F&A].
3. Consider new models of education [F&A].

C. Faculty
1. Enhance faculty success in obtaining external support for their research programs [A&F].
2. Provide greater support for untenured faculty development [A&F].
3. Develop the future leaders of the School [A&F].
4. Encourage methodological programs to build industry expertise [F&A].

D. Environment
1. Promote and increase the sense of community and collegiality among the constituencies (students, faculty and staff) within the School [F&A].
2. Commit to sustain a culturally-diverse ISyE Community [A&F].

a [...] indicates leadership responsibility in implementing an initiative: A=Administrative, F=Faculty


Assistant to Chair
Director of Development
Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies
Academic Advisor*
Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
Administrative Coordinator**

Administrative Manager II
Financial Manager II
Administrative Manager I
Administrative Manager I
Program Coordinator II
Administrative Coordinator
Program Coordinator II
Administrative Coordinator
Accountant III
Accountant III
Accountant II
Academic Advisors:
*Academic Advisor I (Undergraduate)
**Administrative Coordinator (Graduate)
Academic Advisor II (Undergraduate)
Administrative Assistants & Secretaries:
Program Coordinator II
Administrative Coordinator
Administrative Assistant II
Senior Secretary
Information and Infrastructure Management:
System Development Engineer
Web/IT Co-op
Media Manager
System Analyst I
System Development Engineer
Senior Facilities Manager
Systems Development Engineer

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