Monday, October 09, 2006

M2. Impossible Done Every Day

The European miracle takes a little longer

Ohio's colleges and universities

Ohio has a land and water area of 116,096 square kilometers, only 25 % larger than Portugal and has 7.5 % more population. The 25 member EU is 34.25 times the size of Ohio.

The Ohio Board of Regents is a nine-member coordinating board with two ex-officio representatives from the State Legislature (includes links to biographies) created in 1963 by the General Assembly. The nine Regents are not compensated and are appointed by the Governor to nine-year terms of service. The Regents appoint a Chancellor who leads a professional staff in service of higher education. The Regents have a direct, non-governing relationship with all of Ohio's colleges and universities. Working in partnership with Ohio's higher education community, the Regents:

Advocate for and recommend how to best direct the state's current $2.6 billion investment in higher education;
Work with the State Board of Education through the Joint Council to develop a seamless primary, secondary and higher education system to prepare citizens for the challenges of the 21st century;
Authorize and approve new degree programs;
Manage state-funded financial aid programs for students;
Develop and advocate policies to maximize higher education's contributions to the State and its citizens.

Senior Administration Organization Chart

14 Four-Year Public Universities and Medical Schools
23 Two-Year Public University Branch Campuses
24 Two-Year Technical and Public Community Colleges
72 Independent Colleges and Universities with a total of 77 campuses
11 Diploma Schools of Nursing
3 College and University Associations and Councils

Ohio’s Articulation and Transfer Policy

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