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M8. Michig An Arbor

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Industrial and Operations Engineering


Department Chair
Administrative Manager
Curriculum Committee
Graduate Admissions & Financial Aid
Graduate Program Advisor
Undergraduate Program Advisor

Departmental Organization

V.A. General. A Department in the College is maintained for the purpose of providing an opportunity and the necessary facilities for study and research in a specified field of learning (See VI.A.). It shall have a separate budget and be responsible to the Dean and the Executive Committee. (Bylaws 6.04.)

The College shall be divided into such Departments as shall from time to time be recommended by the Executive Committee with the concurrence of the Members and authorized by the Board.

Each Department shall function under a Chair and shall be organized in such a manner as to provide general participation by Members in the management of departmental affairs (See V.F.). (Bylaws 6.04.)

V.B. Appointment of Department Chairs. Chairs shall be appointed by the Board on recommendations by the President. (Bylaws 5.06.)

V.C. Selection of Chair. The selection of the Chair of a Department shall be conducted in a way to utilize effectively the best professional and personal judgments of Department Members and members of the profession at large. A Chair shall hold the rank of professor or associate professor in a field of the Department's interest or in a related field. (See Executive Committee Guidelines for selection of a Chair.)

V.D. Term of Chair Appointment. Appointment shall be made for a term not to exceed five years. A Chair may be reappointed for an additional term following the usual review procedures. This policy assumes neither automatic reappointment nor automatic rotation. It does imply periodic assessment of the department situation based on extensive consultation with members of the Department and the profession.

V.E. Department Staff. The appointment of an associate or assistant chair may be recommended by the Executive Committee of the College, taking into account such factors as the size of the Department, teaching loads, facilities, and other responsibilities of the Chair.

V.F. Department Committees. Each academic Department of the College will have an Executive, Advisory, or Administrative Committee elected annually, identified here as the Department Committee. The Department may, by a majority vote of the Department Faculty, establish an alternative procedure for assuring Faculty participation.

The specific name and makeup of the Department Committee may vary depending on the wishes of the Department Faculty. For continuity from year to year, only part of the Committee membership shall be newly elected in any one year except for the initial election. The Department Chair shall serve as Chair of this Committee ex officio, with vote.

The Committee shall meet as often as it finds necessary. The major duties of this Committee are to advise the Chair on policy matters and to make recommendations regarding new faculty appointments, promotions, tenure, and termination. In order to obviate problems associated with relative rank, individual Committee members may be excluded during the consideration of promotions, tenure, and termination. On such major duties, the Chair of the Department may make recommendations to the Dean and the College Executive Committee which are contrary to the majority view of the Department Committee. However, in such cases the Chair must notify the Department Committee of the Chair's intention to make such recommendations. In all such cases, the Department Committee has the privilege of presenting its majority view directly to the Dean and the Executive Committee. The request of any member of the Department Committee for a secret ballot will always be honored.

Curricula Programs - Degrees

VI.A. Departmental Programs. Each degree granting Department in the College shall provide opportunities for study in a curriculum(s) or program(s) of study that leads to a bachelor's degree. Each Department of the College shall provide courses and instruction in subjects related to the qualifications of its faculty. A departmental program that specifies the requirements for a degree shall be reviewed by the Curriculum Committee (See VII.B.1.) and adopted by the Members before being submitted to the Board for approval.

VI.B. Interdisciplinary Programs may be provided according to the needs of the times. Each such program will be under the control and administration of an interdepartmental Program Committee appointed by the Executive Committee and shall be approved in the same manner as for a Department. The interdepartmental Program Committee shall provide counseling service to students and through Program Advisor(s) certify the graduation of students in the same manner as for a departmental program.

Similarly, the College may cooperate with other schools or colleges of the University to provide opportunities for interdisciplinary study that lead to specially designated degrees or a degree from each of the cooperating colleges.

VI.C. Graduate Study. The Departments of the College shall cooperate with Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies to provide opportunities for graduate study and associated research leading to master's, professional, and doctor's degrees. The Departments of the College and College Interdisciplinary Programs may provide opportunities for graduate study leading to master's degrees and to doctor’s degrees. The requirements for each graduate degree shall be reviewed by the Curriculum Committee (See VII.B.1.) and adopted by the Members before being submitted to the Board for approval.

VI.D. Program Adviser. A Program Adviser, or Program Advisers, shall be appointed for each undergraduate degree program offered by the College, as a representative(s) of the College, as a representative of the Department, or as a representative of the Program Committee responsible for an interdisciplinary program. Appointments are made by the Executive Committee on recommendation of the respective Department Chair or Program Committee.

A Program Adviser is responsible for academic counseling of each student who has elected the respective program and for all related matters that determine the student's eligibility for graduation. Certain responsibilities and authorities are specified in the rules and procedures as published in the College Bulletin. The Program Advisor is also responsible for supervising the course selection counseling that leads to classification of students for each term, for course substitutions, and for assignments related to curriculum and preparation of material for the College Bulletin as delegated by the Department Chair or Program Committee.

From Rules of the Faculty of the College of Engineering. The University of Michigan.

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