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M9. John Purdue

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Associate Head
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Bylaws of the Faculty of the College of Engineering of Purdue University.

Administrative Review Processes

All administrative leadership appointments are, by university policy, subject to periodic formal reviews. Normally, the review interval is five years. Engineering engaged the Renewal and Transformation Group (RTG) as independent consultants to develop initial survey instruments and to assist with analyzing responses.

Specific steps in the review for an academic program leader consist of:

* The dean meets with faculty and staff of the unit to explain the review goals and process and to answer questions.
* All faculty and staff in the unit, the dean, and peers selected by the Head will receive a survey form to be completed within two weeks and returned to the dean's office in sealed, confidential envelopes.
* The Renewal and Transformation Group will receive and open survey responses. The survey will ask for name, telephone number and e-mail address only to allow the RTG to contact some respondents for one-on-one interviews to obtain additional information about the strengths and weaknesses of the unit's leadership.
* The RTG will prepare a summary report of results, excluding identification of sources, and then meet to review their findings with the dean.
* The dean will meet with the Head to discuss results of the evaluation.

Ultimately, response analysis will be performed by a small subcommittee of the Advisory Committee.

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