Thursday, December 07, 2006

G5. O Pai da Criança

EVA’s Executive Director

«Christian Thune was for a number of years professor in international politics at the University of Copenhagen and he was dean of the faculty of economics, law and political science when in 1989 he became chairman of the government appointed Advisory Councils in Higher Education.

In 1992 Christian Thune was appointed director of the new Centre for Quality Assurance and Evaluation of Higher Education. During the period of 1992-99 the Centre evaluated all higher education programmes in Denmark. In 1999 Christian Thune was appointed executive director of the new Danish Evaluation Institute that was established by the government with the mandate systematically to evaluate all levels and sectors of Danish education. From 1993-2001 Christian Thune was chairman of the Danish National Council for Educational and Vocational Guidance. Christian Thune served as president for the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) from 2000 to September 2005.»

«… thus the association [ENQA] has been growing fast since it was established in 2000 with EVA’s executive director as a main architect and president from 2000-2005.» (EVA holds an international seat).

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